Welcome To Cashmir

kashmirCashmir Foundation Scotland welcomes you to our site. Everyday a child is suffering in Kashmir, everyday there is hardship on their families and the worst is upon the orphans. Please make it better for them. We understand you already have taken the first step by coming here, now take a second step to help us help the people of Kashmir live free from poverty.

Cashmir Foundation works to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in Kashmir. By promoting the Arts, Culture and Heritage we are giving them lost knowledge to harness creative thinking to become confident citizens of Kashmir. Cashmir Foundation also promotes Health to control water borne Illnesses. Cashmir works to the Syllabus of the REHIS (Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland) to teach young women life skills in local communities.

Through working with a range of inspirational local partners, we help communities to access renewable technologies so that they are empowered to overcome the hardship they face.

Kashmir needs you! We require volunteers, good people from all walks of life who have the basic understanding of the importance of human life and ways to make less the suffering from disaster, poverty and ill health. Cashmir preserves botanical seed by replanting and helping to reduce carbon and by creating and documenting the world class heritage of Kashmir, the land of the rich and famous is now the land of the unknown poor.

Cashmir aims to change this by having regular arts and culture events to raise awareness and by teaching the locals of their heritage, arts and culture.

Cashmir Foundation promotes the artistic and cultural excellence and preserves the artistic and cultural heritage of Kashmir. Whether on stage, over the airwaves, or in exhibition halls, we ensure that Kashmiri artistic and cultural past and present continues to be accessible, enjoyed, and preserved for future generations. 

Our development and humanitarian work is respected by local governments, partner organisations and allies. Cashmir Foundation is an independent charity which is non political, non religious and does not align itself to governments or agencies. Cashmir is for the public benefit and stipulates its alliance to OSCR.

Note: Cashmir Foundation does not carry out door-to-door collections nor does it affiliate to any other foundation in KASHMIR except its sister charity KIRF nor authorises any individual to do so using any name similar both phonetic and grammatic which renders whom so in breach of copyright and specific criminal laws of the host country. The charity advises anyone who receives collectors at their door, claiming to represent this charity, not to give anything and to inform Cashmir Foundation immediately.

Cashmir Charity for the region of Azad, Jammu Kashmir and Greater Kashmir, Kashmir and Scotland.  Scottish incorporated charitable organisation registered in Scotland OSCR Office Charity Regulator No: SC043824 under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.